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    Tailpiece, chinrest and peg sets

    Have you seen our tailpiece, chinrest and peg sets? These high quality packaged sets include 4 quality pegs with a matching tailpiece and chinrest plus an 'Insight' endpin.

    Schaller S-Locks

    These new revolutionary S-Locks from Schaller are silent. They feature an elegant Lock-Wheel, one-piece hardened steel strap button and newly designed locking bolt – all with aesthetic design and perfect handling.

    New Guitar Bridge Pins

    Most acoustic guitars come with either plastic, wood or bone bridge pins. Our quality bridge pins for acoustic guitar now come in a range of materials to fit every need: brass, tintul and snakewood

    GrandTune® Classical and Folk Machine Heads

    Schaller’s best-selling machine heads for classical and folk guitars now come in GrandTune® models in a variety of finishes and buttons

    Try Mi-Si's new Motif, a condenser under saddle pickup.

    Mi-Si’s revolutionary new pickup system is the first in the world to combine under saddle functionality with the extraordinary properties of a condenser microphone. While most under-saddle piezo systems suffer from a discernible ‘quacking’ sound, Mi-Si’s Motif performs in the same manner as the best condenser microphones, completely eliminating the distortion found with other piezo systems.

    Introducing the Schaller Signum Bridge

    Schaller’s Signum bridge is an elegant and versatile bridge, extremely comfortable and features superb tonal definition using state of the art string saddle shaping.

    MiSi Electronics

    MiSi Electronics: a range of revolutionary pre-amps and pickups for retro fit into ukuleles, mandolins, violins and guitars