Mi-Si acoustic align preamp with LR Baggs

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The Mi-Si Acoustic Trio system features an active, battery-free preamp designed specifically to work with the L.R. Baggs undersaddle acoustic guitar pickup. The preamp for this system uses MiSi’s custom piezo linearization scheme - allowing for the most truthful and accurate sound from the pickup.

All you have to do is power up for 60 seconds using the Mi-Si Power Charger, providing you with up to 16 hours of performance time. The Align is the single most flexible, compact and lightweight battery-free preamp currently manufactured. The board is much thinner than more traditional circuit boards that are 62 mm thick. It comes standard with active bass, treble and volume controls and can be installed virtually anywhere within the instrument. For even greater flexibility in installation the board could be cut into three separate pieces, connected with wire jumpers. There are special pads provided on the board to solder these jumpers.

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