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    Schaller Hannes electric guitar bridge

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    The Hannes® bridge by Schaller is a splendid fusion of innovation and tone. By far the most comfortable bridge on the market, impresses with detailed highs, fast attack and a well-defined, powerful and harmonic sound. Can be fitted to any guitar, provided that the body is flat at the point where the bridge is to be placed.The patented saddle material measurably increases the instrument's sustain by up to 25% compared to brass and steel. The saddles have a large surface area resting on the guitar's body, and are separated from one another by the bridge's construction. This physical difference in the saddle, compared to all other available saddles on the market manifests itself in a significant increase in dynamic response. The saddles were developed in close collaboration with Graph Tech. They are made of a special compound material. Teflon is one of the materials used in this special compound. In being a highly effective lubricant material (one of the most effective in the world), it dramatically reduces saddle-related string breakage, since no sharp edges can form on the saddles due to wear. String spacing E-e 54mm, string spacing individual 10,8mm, string radius adjustable 9,5" - 20", minimal G/d string height above body 10,3mm, maximum height adjustment 2,5mm, maximum string gauge 64. Weight (156g with accessories)

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