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    Schaller S-Lock

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    For decades Schaller has been the most popular strap lock system for guitar and bass. Now Schaller presents the next generation of revolutionary strap locks - the S-Lock. They feature one-piece hardened steel strap buttons, aesthetic design, perfect handling and an elegant Lock-Wheel. S-Locks are silent for noiseless performance while moving and playing your instrument. S-Locks are also fully compatible with all existing Schaller strap locks. The 3 piece S-Lock features a unique solid one-piece strap button in hardened steel for maximum protection against breakage. The 4mm screw with self-tapping wood thread fits all existing strap buttons incl. Gibson for perfect replacement without adjustments on existing holes and screws. On the lock the extended thread length will hold straps of up to 6 mm thickness and a perfectly designed slanted locking bolt in stainless steel ensures permanent precision, reliable performance and wear-free finish. A new Lock-Wheel with patented self-locking thread can be screwed by hand and tightened by 2mm Allen key for maximum security and for final adjustment use the micro cone-top screw. S Lock is the perfect strap lock. https://schaller.info/en/s-locks/

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