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    P&H fibreglass violin bow

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    P&H bows are recommended and used by many teachers and students worldwide for their quality and affordability. P&H bows are the only bows you can easily rehair yourself. Our fibreglass bows are more durable than wood bows and the synthetic stick is not affected by changes in humidity. The P&H fibreglass violin bow is an ideal bow for the student player. The rounded fibreglass stick is well-balanced and provides a comfortable playing position. It is designed to be easily rehaired at home in a few minutes, meaning the bow has a much longer life than many other student violin bows. P&H bows can be easily and quickly rehaired using the unique easy re-hairing system developed by P&H. Simply buy a new P&H bow hank and rehair your bow yourself following the instructions. Visit www.pandhbows.com for more details Spare bow hanks are available

    Item # Description Price In Stock? Qty
    1526A full size brown £32.50
    1526ABK full size black £39.17
    1526ABU full size Blue £39.17
    1526AGR full size green £39.17
    1526APK full size Pink £39.17
    1526APU full size Purple £39.17
    1526ARD full size Red £39.17
    1526C 3/4 size brown £32.50
    1526CBK 3/4 size black £39.17
    1526CBU 3/4 size Blue £39.17
    1526CGR 3/4 size green £39.17
    1526CPK 3/4 size Pink £39.17
    1526CPU 3/4 size Purple £39.17
    1526CRD 3/4 size Red £39.17
    1526E 1/2 size brown £32.50
    1526EBK 1/2 size black £39.17
    1526EBU 1/2 size Blue £39.17
    1526EGR 1/2 size green £39.17
    1526EPK 1/2 size Pink £39.17
    1526EPU 1/2 size Purple £39.17
    1526ERD 1/2 size Red £39.17
    1526F 1/4 size brown £32.50
    1526FBK 1/4 size black £39.17
    1526FBU 1/4 size Blue £39.17
    1526FGR 1/4 size green £39.17
    1526FPK 1/4 size Pink £39.17
    1526FPU 1/4 size Purple £39.17
    1526FRD 1/4 size Red £39.17
    1526G 1/8 size brown £32.50
    1526GBK 1/8 size black £39.17
    1526GBU 1/8 size Blue £39.17
    1526GGR 1/8 size green £39.17
    1526GPU 1/8 size Purple £39.17
    1526GRD 1/8 size Red £39.17
    1526I 1/16 size brown £32.50