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    Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold viola set rope core

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    Evah Pirazzi Gold strings have a core made from a modern synthetic multifilament fibre. They produce a brilliant, golden tone with a full-bodied sound from the very bottom to the top of the register. The great dynamic range allows skilled players to explore confidently both the finest nuances of quiet passages and create powerful sonorities when playing close to the fingerboard or using a strong bow arm. They have instant response throughout the complete dynamic range. With the new Evah Pirazzi Gold Viola C, the steel rope core string has a powerful and warm sound with tremendous brilliance. This new C-string reacts to the smallest bow strokes and converts each stroke into a wonderfully harmonious sound image. The core material is made of a high-precision steel rope cable which is wound with a fine tungsten wire that has been specifically developed for musical strings. By combining these specialized materials with our advanced winding process, the Evah Pirazzi Gold steel C successfully provides additional power to the synthetic core Evah Pirazzi Gold set A: steel / chrome steel, D and G: silver, C: steel rope core / tungsten-silver medium

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