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    Technical Information

    Plans and Books

    We sell a wide selection of plans for making instruments and books which will tell you all you need to know:

    Guitars Books and Plans

    Stringed Instruments Books and Plans

    Wiring Diagrams

    For Artec pickups, visit the Artec website: www.artecsound.com

    For Schaller pickups, you can download detailed installation instructions and circuit diagrams on the Schaller website


    Download technical drawings and measurements of Schaller bridges and machine heads on the Schaller website

    For technical drawings and measurements of Gotoh hardware, visit the Gotoh website

    Product Manuals

    For MiSi pickups and preamps, you can download product manuals from the MiSi website

    Guide to Abbreviations

    • SC = Stratocaster
    • TC = Telecaster
    • PB = Precision bass
    • JB = Jazz bass
    • LP = Les Paul

    Machine heads

    • 3L3R = 3left 3right
    • 6L = 6 in line
    • 4L = 4 in line, for bass guitars


    We describe the orientation of our machineheads by which side of the headstock they are on - when looking face on to the guitar in an upright position (as if on a stand). Therefore 3L3R = for a Les Paul style, 6L for a statocaster style, 6R for a left-handed or reverse head stock.

    Schaller Tremolo Spares

    A wide variety of Schaller tremolo spares are available. All these parts can be ordered on the Tremolo Parts page.