Mi-Si acoustic Align XT preamp LR Baggs

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The Mi-Si Align XT is a direct upgrade/replacement for the Taylor Expression System. It features a lightweight, active, battery-free preamp designed specifically to easily retrofit your Taylor guitar. This enables Taylor fans to take advantage of Mi-Si's innovative active battery-free technology. The Align XT comes standard with volume and active bass and treble controls that fit the exact spacing of your Taylor's existing Expression preamp. You can also use the same knobs from the Taylor Expression System, so the appearance of your instrument remains unchanged.*TAYLOR and TAYLOR EXPRESSION SYSTEM are the registered trademarks of Taylor Guitars (Taylor-Listug, Inc.) Fitted connector is for Taylor EST system. Taylor used different types of connectors during almost 16 years of various ES systems production.

To use Align XT with Expression systems with different connectors cut off the header part from output wires and connect green wire to ground (sleeve) of the output stereo jack, red to tip, and brown (black) to ring.

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