Mi-Si Magpie soundhole pickup integral microphone

Code: 8831A


  • Battery-free
  • Unique single coil design
  • Volume & tone control
  • Charger included
  • Made in USA
£319.01 incl. VAT
£159.00 incl. VAT

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The Mi-Si Magpie system includes the revolutionary Flux 2.0 active, battery-free magnetic soundhole pickup for acoustic guitar fitted with integral 'Air' MEMS microphone and the Mi-Si Power Charger.

The Magpie high performance pickup employs a unique “planar” single coil design - less susceptible to AC hum than traditional bobbin wound pickups. This design provides much broader sound and reduces the overall weight - combining the benefits of a single coil pickup with the virtually hum-free operation of a humbucker. Powering up the Flux for 60 seconds with the Mi-Si Power Charger will provide you with up to 8 hours of performance time. (Power charger included) Separate volume controls for pickup and microphone.

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